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List of Mediators in Greensboro, Carolina
Membership in the Society is generally by invitation only. Membership is limited to established mediators and arbitrators, each of whom is confirmed to have met our nomination and experience requirements, and to have established a solid reputation in their respective field.

Formal Eligibility Criteria:
  • Only Supreme Court certified Circuit-Civil mediators of at least 3 years standing are eligible.
  • An initial nomination is generally required from an existing member of the roster; else our Advisory Committee will be consulted on the inclusion of any new applicant.
  • All Members are professional neutrals, in mediation/arbitration practice for a minimum of 3 years,
    and must declare that a minimum of 25% of their professional efforts are dedicated to mediation practice.
  • Applicants must have privately mediated/arbitrated at least 100 civil disputes, excluding pro bono,
    court appointed cases, or receive remuneration for mediation/arbitration work at least 30 days annually.
  • 3 attorney client references required on application (attorneys for whom neutral has mediated/arbitrated disputes in the preceding 3 months, excluding pro bono/court appt cases).
    Each will be contacted and questioned as to applicant's expertise and professionalism.

Through this strict qualification process, we are pleased to include the following established civil mediators in our Member Roster:

Greensboro MEDIATORS
Benjamin F. Davis Jr. Greensboro Benjamin F. Davis, Jr. PA
Richard D. Conner Greensboro Conner Gwyn Schenck PLLC
A. Holt Gwyn Greensboro Conner Gwyn Schenck PLLC
Lynn G. Gullick Greensboro Gullick Mediation, Inc.
Jonathan R Harkavy Greensboro Patterson Harkavy LLP
Thomas C. Duncan Greensboro Thomas C. Duncan, PLLC
William A. Eagles Greensboro William A. Eagles, PLLC
Zeb E. (Barney) Barnhardt Jr. Greensboro Zeb Barnhardt



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